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Everyone always asks me that question… The underlying question is: how on earth do you spend so much time in casinos, traveling the globe and generally goofing off and having fun and never run out of money? People ask if I inherited money. Nope. I worked smart for many years and now enjoy the life of my dreams. Below are the things I am currently spending my time on and there may be some opportunity for you!



A lot of people sell courses for a fortune on how to win at slots. It is not as easy as it looks or they make it sound.  If you want to talk gambling or go gambling when you're in Vegas, all you have to do is subscribe to my newsletter.  I send out tips and tricks, VIP experiences, and more all for free.  If you are in Vegas or going to be in Vegas, don’t be afraid to let me know.  Maybe we can go in on a slot play together!

Costa Rica


Costa Rica is my favorite country.  I own a company called  If you want to make a trip down there, I can arrange everything for you.  We specialize in bachelor parties and family reunions, but can tailor a trip for anyone.  I also buy, sell, and develop real estate.  If you are considering retiring abroad or just like the idea of owning a cool airbnb or vacation getaway, let’s connect about that!



My son is a stone cold genius in that space.  He has helped countless numbers of my friends navigate how to buy and secure their crypto.  He’s assisted people with recovering coins that they thought they had lost, and given people the skills/confidence to make millions of dollars investing in crypto.  His website is very helpful for the beginning crypto enthusiast. It's, and if you want any personal crypto support he offers that.

Real Estate

If you are looking to move to Las Vegas, My son (with my help) is the best realtor in town! Real estate is my second favorite hobby. I love looking at homes and helping people find the perfect spot in Vegas! Reach out via email and I would be happy to help you!

Social Media

I am enjoying this gambling Tik Tok/social media experience so much.  It is people like you who make it possible.  You are appreciated and I hope you enjoy my content.  Please follow me on TikTokYoutube and Twitch if you don’t already!